Net Worth Update: January 2018

Oh man, I can’t believe January is gone! I did not expect such a crazy January at all. I spent so many hours studying up on travel hacking and creating strategies for credit card sign-ups. I’m almost done with the paperwork for So, that will be nice to have extra income while staying at home. We also took a last minute trip to Israel with some friends. Lastly, I booked a bunch of flights for our honeymoon while learning how much more expensive was compared to directly booking with the airline.

This also left us with a hefty bill in January…

January 2018 Expenses:

Item Cost
Necessity/Dog $0.00
Tea/Coffee $35.93
Eating Out $466.74
Groceries $205.99
Clothes $27.37
Other $84.26
Travel $1,726.77
Gas $224.45
Monthly Bills (mortgage, HOA, etc) $2,023.99
Total Spending $4,795.50

We definitely spent way more than we wanted to, but of course most of that is due to the flights and hotels that we booked for Israel and our honeymoon. We tried eating out less, but then Israel happened and we spent over $200 in a week on food alone. Not surprisingly, we overspent on food overall.

January 2018 Net Worth:

According to Personal Capital, our net worth is $438,680.

Cash $58,197
Investments $114,339
Zillow Home Est $422,614
Mortgage $155,887
Credit Card $583
Total Net Worth $438,680

Compared to last month, we increased our net worth by about $8,000. We added a huge chuck of our savings and bought some more ETFs, which really helped boost our net worth despite the worst stock day since September 2016. Other than that, it was a fairly good month despite the huge spending, which we offset with the fact that we save $800/month on travel alone.

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2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: January 2018”

    1. We started applying to a few cards here and there in 2016 but didn’t really get into until this year. I’ve been doing a ton of research and we’ve really beefed up our credit card applications because we have a lot of upcoming spending from business related stuff.

      That’s awesome. I saw you guys post on how you earned 2 million points through travel hacking and it sounds absolutely amazing!

      Great! Can’t wait to read that post! Ever since we got a dog, we’ve spent a lot less time at the mall and more time at dog parks. Plus the places that allow dogs tend to be free.

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