9 Steps to a Better Dressed You!

After spending hours scrolling through Pinterest looking up black, white, gray, and pale pink fashion, I realized my style was “French minimalist.” It’s amazing how everyone looks so elegant and so well put together with some very basic and simple items. So, I finally decided to move forward with it and took the first step in organizing my closet: created 3 piles.

  1. Love it and my style! Keep it! (Pretty much anything in a shade of black, white, gray, or pale pink)
  2. Want it! Maybe! (Expensive clothing that I don’t usually wear or really liked)
  3. Hate it and not my style! Donate it! (All other colors and/or itchy items that I couldn’t stand)

For anything in the “Love it and my style! Keep it!” pile, I bought new white wooden hangers to hang my clothes with (and I threw out all the plastic, ugly hangers). For anything in the “Want it! Maybe!” pile, I boxed it up and put it aside and after 3 months, I donated anything I know I could do without. Lastly, I donated all the items in the 3rd pile.

I remembered about half my apartment was covered in clothes that I didn’t normally wear or were too expensive for me to donate even if I absolutely hated it. Boxing those items really helped me feel better about donating it, because I didn’t miss it nor feel guilty about not wearing it every time I walked into my closet. After making the donation, I felt a billion times better and my closet actually looked gorgeous with the shades of color fading into each other. How beautiful would your closet look if it was something like this???

12-28-2017 12-09-26 PM

I went from who knows how many pieces of clothing to 67 items (not including workout clothes or coats). I absolutely love all 67 items and can easily mix and match pieces without having to check the mirror a billion times or second question myself about what the F I’m wearing!

Want to make your closet look like Pinterest and figure out your style??

  1. Start with Pinterest and pin any fashion items that you gravitate towards. Doesn’t matter what items, if you like or love it, then pin it!
  2. Organize your pins into styles and determine which styles have the most pins (french minimalist, bright colors, neutral colors/tones, luxury clothing…).
  3. For the category with the most pins, spend a few more days searching that exact category and see if you really love the style or if it was just a phase. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed to determine your style.
  4. Go into your closet and pull items that reflects that particular style and use it as the base for the “Love it! Keep it!” pile.
  5. Donate any items that you straight up just hate.
  6. Box up anything that you had a hard time parting with and don’t worry about how much money you originally spent on it. Wait 3 months before going back and then determine if you can part with it. Donate it immediately!
  7. Buy some really nice hangers to showcase how much you care about your new style!
  8. Admire your new closet!
  9. Lastly, this is the absolute hardest to be disciplined on, but only buy new clothes that reflect your new style and invest in basics!12-28-2017 12-20-56 PM

Happy decluttering!

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