Millionaire List by Budgets Are Sexy

At first, I was a little hesitant posting our net worth online, but after reading about Budgets Are Sexy’s How to be a Millionaire. My Millionaire’s To Do List…, I realized that it’s important to keep ourselves accountable for our retirement.

To do that, here are our goals and commitments for each year until retirement:

  • Save at least 50% of income to save/invest
  • Strive to spend less than $45,000
  • Rebalance accounts
  • Contribute at least 15% or more to 401K
  • Retire by 40 with at least $1 million

Here our tangible goals to reach before retirement:

  • Pay off condo completely
  • Post net work each month and analyze our expenses
  • Do not purchase a new car

Where am I now?

  • Updated 1/2/18: We completed our list of commitments